Do you need to relocate quickly? Then you need relocation housing. This short-term, flexible, and furnished style of accommodation is becoming increasingly popular. Perhaps you’re among the 37% of people who would relocate globally for the chance of a better life and career. However, you might be worried about how to find suitable accommodation.

Don’t worry – this guide explains all you need to know about finding relocation housing, helping you pursue your professional dreams without the stress of apartment hunting.

What is Meant by Relocation Housing?

If you have an upcoming change in your life’s circumstances, then you may need to relocate. Maybe you’ve been offered a job abroad or your children have accepted places at an exclusive school. In these kinds of situations, it’s often the case that you need to move to a new location at short notice.

Relocation housing is the accommodation you choose to live in to facilitate this change. It tends to be short-term and doesn’t require the same amount of paperwork as a traditional house move. You can book the accommodation last minute, pick up the keys, and begin your new lifestyle straight away.

Who is Relocation Housing for?

Relocation housing is there for anyone looking to make a major lifestyle change. You’ll be looking for a property that can help you achieve your dreams. It’s for actors moving to Los Angeles, doctors moving closer to medical school, interns looking to live off-campus, and digital nomads jetting off to Bali.

If you want something that’s quick, convenient, and flexible, then relocation housing is the best option for you. Whether your life circumstances have forced you to change or you’re biting the bullet and going after your dreams, this kind of housing can help you do that. It’s the base to begin your new life in a new place.

Relocation Profiles

Below you’ll find some profiles of the kinds of people who may require relocation housing. Hopefully, this helps you understand the concept a little better.

Relocation for traveling nurses

Traveling nurses take on short-term assignments and therefore often find themselves moving to entirely new cities. If the quality of the housing isn’t up to scratch, then it can lower career satisfaction. As a traveling nurse, you may be automatically placed in accommodation that isn’t right for you. Consider taking control of your own housing needs so you can be sure the location and quality of the apartment can help you succeed in a medical career.

Relocation for corporate housing

One of the perks of being part of a successful business is the opportunity to go on plenty of work trips. However, this often means staying in hotels, where you don’t have your own kitchen or as much privacy as you might get in an apartment. Business travelers should search for relocation housing which comes in the form of a fully furnished apartment. This can make it feel more like your own home, even when you’re traveling abroad. That, in turn, helps you be a more productive worker and go further in your career.

Relocation for interns

Another common for relocating is if you’re a student looking to get on the career ladder. You might move out of the small town where you grew up in favor of the big city, where internships are ample. You don’t want to live in substandard student accommodation but you’re not experienced enough to know the ins and outs of the housing market. If you can find a decent relocation apartment that’s fully furnished, then you have everything set up and ready to go when you move in. This helps you settle into a new environment and spend more time making a success of your internship.

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Types of Relocation Housing

There are several different types of relocation housing. It’s important to research them all so that you can find the ideal one for you. They each come with their pros and cons so make sure you weigh these up and make the right decision. The main ones you have to consider are business-focused accommodation, furnished apartments, and coliving spaces.

Business-Friendly Accommodation

If you’re relocating to a new destination to pursue a career, then you’ll need an apartment with a suitable home office. While some apartments are clearly intended for tourists, others cater to digital nomads and business travelers. If you’re the latter, then make sure you search for accommodation with a dedicated and high-quality workspace.

We make this easy, with our Anyplace Select apartments. These go the extra mile to give you everything you need to run your business from home. You’ll have all the necessary equipment and gadgets to achieve focus and maximize your productivity. If you’re relocating to become a remote worker, then business-friendly accommodation can make this happen.

Furnished Apartments

Most relocation housing options come furnished. Because you may only be there for a short time, it doesn’t make sense to buy all your own furniture. This is the most stress-free option because you don’t need to move heavy items nor pop down to the local Ikea. As soon as you step foot in your new home, you’re ready to live there.

Of course, the monthly cost of a furnished apartment will be a little higher. However, since you don’t have to pay for new furniture every time you move – or for a van to transport all your stuff – this is generally the most cost-effective solution. By getting a furnished apartment, you’re making the most low-stress option while being able to get on with enjoying your new home straight away.

Coliving Spaces

If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option, then you could also opt for coliving spaces. These kinds of accommodation will group several people in one home, keeping costs down. You’ll have to share some facilities, like kitchens and bathrooms. However, you can also opt to have your own private bedroom if you want your own space.

A coliving space is very different from a hostel. People are there to work, not to party, and the general vibe is more peaceful and professional. It’s a great way to network with people in your field and to instantly become immersed in the community of your destination.

How to Find Relocation Housing

  1. Narrow Down Your Location

Relocation housing is all about – unsurprisingly – the location. There’s a reason that you need to be in a specific place during this time of your life. Therefore, get to know the area and narrow down the location. Do you need to be near the city center or would you prefer the peace of the suburbs? Are you looking for a young and lively community or a slower pace of life? Get to know the neighborhoods of the city you’re locating to so you can quickly narrow down your options, making the search easier.

  1. Check Flexible Listings

Since you’re likely relocating to an unfamiliar environment, it’s important to leave your options open. Much of the time, you won’t get to view the apartment in person before you move in. Therefore, make sure you search through the most flexible options available to you. It’s best to rent an apartment for around a month, to begin with. This is short enough that it’s okay if the home isn’t for you but long enough for you to settle into a routine.

  1. Analyze Your Options

No relocation apartment is going to be perfect. Like any house search, you may find you need to make compromises. Don’t let these put you off. Even if an apartment isn’t all you dreamed of, you can make it work for you. Put together a list of all the options within your budget and analyze what they offer. Choose the one that most closely matches your requirements and take the plunge into your new lifestyle. Remember, if you’re opting for something flexible and short-term, you always have the opportunity to relocate once more.

Finding relocation housing can sometimes be stressful but the results are incredibly rewarding. Moving into the right apartment gives you the chance to start living the life you always wanted. At Anyplace, we want to make this process as easy and convenient as possible. Begin your search today and don’t hesitate to contact us for further support on starting this exciting journey.

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