Are you lucky enough to have been offered the opportunity to relocate to somewhere new? At first, this probably filled you with great excitement. However, over time, it’s natural for this excitement to turn to fear. The closer you get to the move date, the more the nerves start to kick in, threatening to ruin your experience. Don’t worry – this is normal and that fear can be overcome.

Major life changes will always come with a level of apprehension. It would be weird if they didn’t. However, if you’re worried that you’re being consumed with fear, then this guide is for you. Below, you’ll find six ways to overcome the fear of relocation and start to enjoy and embrace this wonderful opportunity.

1. Focus on the Benefits of this Move

Turn your nervous energy into excitement by shifting your attention away from what could go wrong and towards the benefits of this move. Why are you relocating in the first place? What opportunities could this create? Think of all the people you’ll meet and the amazing places you’ll see. Write a list of why this move excites you and try to focus on that.

Maybe you’re relocating to launch an incredible remote work career that others are bound to be jealous of. When you remember this, the relocation won’t feel so daunting. It’s okay to dwell on the downsides occasionally. Yes, loneliness and homesicknesses are likely to occur. However, try to accept these challenges as a necessary part of growth rather than letting fear consume you.

2. Research the Local Area as Much as Possible

The biggest fear related to relocating is a fear of the unknown. If you give yourself a chance to get to know the area beforehand, much of this anxiety will be alleviated. Use Google Streetview to walk around the neighborhood as a kind of visualization technique. This is slowly wiring your brain to become familiar with the environment so that it becomes less scary.

Find out what grocery stores and other amenities are nearby. Study local customs and even learn a bit of the language. This will help you feel like more of a local when you arrive and less of an outsider. That sense of belonging is crucial to your mental health as a traveler.

3. Start Making Friends Before You Go

If you’re moving to a new place where you don’t know anyone, then your fear is completely understandable. No matter how introverted you are, you need social interaction. Fortunately, it’s easier than ever to make friends online. Find online communities that are based in your destination and sign up. Start reaching out to people – whether they’re locals or ex-pats – and begin building new friendships.

If you’re relocating for work, then this is a good chance to start networking. Reach out to digital nomads, remote workers, or anyone in your industry who might want to talk. It really relieves a lot of pressure to know that you’re relocating to a place where you already have some people to socialize with.

4. Begin Saving Money Early

What are you concerned about? If it’s money, then you’re not alone. 77% of Americans worry about their financial future. Relocation inevitably comes with moving costs and these are probably leading you to worry about whether this is the right decision. You can alleviate much of this fear by building up a bit of money to act as a cushion and relieve some of the pressure.

In the weeks before your move, try to cut back on spending as much as possible. Stop eating out, cancel subscriptions, and see where else you can give up spending for a while. Take all of this cash and put it into a special savings pot. Once in the new destination, you’ll be comforted by this small financial backup if things go wrong.

5. Purchase Travel Insurance

Another way to relieve some of your anxiety is to purchase insurance. When traveling to an unfamiliar location, you may reasonably be worried about loss, theft, and damage to your items. This is exactly what insurance is designed to cover. It means that no matter what happens to your essential items, you’ll be able to replace them easily.

The best travel insurance will cover your belongings as well as your flights and accommodation. It’s really a small cost for the amount of peace of mind you get out of it. This allows you to approach the move without fear so that you can really make the most of this special opportunity.

6. Choose a Place That Facilitates Productivity

Your environment plays a really big role in your productivity and overall success. Make sure your accommodation provides optimal space to get work done and also has the internet speed you’ll need for your job – and for some Netflix and chill downtime.

Pro Tip: Choose an Anyplace Select apartment and you won’t have to sweat about the details about an office area and fast internet. Every apartment comes with a fully-equipped workspace and gigabit WiFi, so you can hit the ground running in your new city.

Remember: If it Scares You, it’s Probably the Right Thing to Do

Relocation isn’t for everyone. Many people are happy in the comfort of their local area, close to their family and friends. Is this the case for you? Or are you more of a curious adventurer who needs to explore the world to broaden your horizons? Maybe you’re someone who isn’t happy staying in one place forever. Maybe you need something more from this life.

In many cases, the thing that scares you is the thing you need to do. The above five tips will help you overcome some of this fear but you’ll never get rid of it completely. Doing something scary means that you’re stepping out of your comfort zone. That’s where growth happens.

It’s natural to be filled with a fair amount of trepidation when relocating somewhere new. This is one of those major life changes that can cause incredible disruption to your life. However, much of this fear can be overcome with plenty of planning and preparation. Get to know your destination and try to virtually meet some of its residents.

Save some money, get insured, and try to focus on the benefits of this move. Also, make sure you’ve got an amazing home set up and ready to welcome you. Ultimately, there will always be some fear during these big life changes. That’s just confirmation that you’re doing something meaningful and worthwhile.

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Born in Oxford, UK, Thom has been a digital nomad since graduating from the University of Sheffield in 2016. He’s a freelance writer and founder of Thom Brown Travel. Thom specializes in minimalist, ethical, and meaningful travel writing.

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